The cover of the September Queer Youth Assemble Zine. An individual stands center, wearing a cyan t-shirt, khaki pants, indigo socks, cyan shoes, and an indigo backpack. They have dark skin and blond dreadlocks tied up in an indigo elastic. The individual is standing in profile, stepping forward with one foot raised.
In the top left corner, "Q Y A" is written in cyan, and in the bottom left corner, "Zine" is written inindigo. "September" is written vertically along the side in white.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's August Zine. A photograph, with the focus being a frog. The frog, dark green, is sitting on and surrounded by green lily pads floating on a pond. The tree branches above can be seen in the reflection of the still, dark water. Two white and yellow water lilies sit on lily pads in the top right. Along the bottom is written two articles included inside, titles "International assistance dog week" and "Our Flag Means Death review"
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's July Zine. The image has a sky blue background, and at the top reads "QYA July Zine." Below are various
summer items colored as various LGBTQIA+ flags. From top left to top right, a seagull with the colors of the
nonbinary flag, a green starfish, a yellow starfish, a palm tree with the colors of the asexual flag, an orange starfish, and a pair of flip-flops with the colors of the pansexual flag. Below that, from left to right, a seashell with the colors of the aromantic flag, a sailboat with the colors of the gay/MLM flag, an umbrella with the colors of the
transgender flag, and a pair of sunglasses with the colors of the genderqueer flag. Below that, from left to right, a purple starfish, an ice cream cone with the colors of the
genderfluid flag, an anchor with the colors of the bisexual flag, a snorkel with the colors of the lesbian flag, and a bucket of sand and a shovel with the colors of the agender flag. At the bottom, from left to right, a red starfish, a sun with the colors of the intersex flag, a pair of swim trunks with the colors and design of the polyamorous flag, a blue starfish, and a beach ball with the colors of the Progress Pride flag.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's June zine. Nine people, layered over one another against
a light blue background, practice activities which bring them joy. From bottom-to-top, left-to-right: a person with red hair, a blue flannel shirt, and top surgery scars (without nipples) sits leaning against a person with shaggy blonde hair, and a green flannel shirt. A person with teal-streaked hair wearing a purple flannel sits with her earbuds in, listening to music. A person with a blue buttondown and short wavy blonde hair sits playing a purple bass guitar. Above this row of people, a brown-haired person dressed in LARP (live action role play) gear stands holding a blue and red checkered flag. A person with long ginger hair in a black dress decorated with orange flowers writes in a pale blue notebook. A person with dark shaved hair, a black skirt with white flowers, and orange flower earrings skateboards. A person with curly dark teal hair and a navy blue flannel sits with a duck in his lap. A person with long brown hair and a green tank top stands with a trans flag, speaking into a microphone. Across the bottom, "Q Y A June Zine" is written in white.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's May zine. Across the top, written to look like white clouds, it says "Q Y A May zine." Below, there is a valley that include many different types of wildflowers, representing the different experiences of those who live with mental health issues.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's April Zine. Across the top is written "Q Y A April Zine." Below, there is a mountain with a waterfall running down the middle, and two white eyes near the peak. Vines flow down the sides of the slope, taking on a hair-like form. Moss and boulders protrude from the sides of the mountain, and distant trees border the outline of the peak. Below, text reads: "Inside: 'Veganism and disability,' and 'conversation about conservation.'"
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's March Zine. "Q Y A March Zine" is written across the top in white. Four women are shown in individual panels. The first is a white wheelchair user with short purple hair and tattoos. The second is a black woman with cornrows wearing glasses, overalls, and a shirt with the trans flag. The third is a black woman with heterochromia and a pink afro accessorized with hair clips.
They are wearing a pink Hello Kitty shirt and stickers and makeup on their cheeks. The fourth is a racially ambiguous woman with a medium length mohawk hairstyle. They are wearing a green button-up shirt with an intersex pin and a lesbian pin. They have a Nasogastric tube and a drip bag is pictured in the background. Below, there is text that reads "inside: 'Women's history month from the perspective of a trans woman,' and 'thoughts on a queer future from a queer girl.'" to the right of the text are a white and pale green flower. The background is dark green.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's February Zine. In the top center down to the middle of the piece it says “February Zine Q Y A.”
Near the bottom right there is an envelope which has burst open spewing out wavy streams of purple, pink and red.There are two heads with long pink hair waving into the streams. There is also a golden key and lock along with a heart tipped arrow coming out of the envelope. On either side there are glowing hearts and near the bottom three sweetheart candies. To the bottom left, a pale square highlights text that reads: Inside: Queer love in many forms; Growing up as a queer teen in rural America; and more!
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's January Zine. The cover is of a navy blue sky, with various multi colored fireworks in the background. In the foreground is Queer Youth Assemble's logo, a rainbow colored splash with the letters "Q Y A" written in a curvy, flowing font. Below, in white text, reads: Inside: The truth about new years resolutions.


The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's December Zine. Across the top, "December Q Y A Zine" is written in black and white. There is a digital drawing of a house from the outside. It is night time and snowing. The house has a brick foundation and tan wooden paneling. Warm orange lights glow from inside. There are 6 windows of varying shapes and sizes on the house, including one on the door. Next to the door is a light-up doorbell. The house has grey steps that lead to the door in the front. On the porch is a waving rainbow pride flag. Smoke is coming out of the brick chimney on the roof. The sky is a dark blue with an almost full moon. Snow is on the ground and on the house. The snow is on the roof and the window ledges. Below, text reads: Inside: moments to live for and representation. Everything is over a pale blue background.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's November Zine. "Q Y A Nov. Zine" is written across the top in yellow. The central image includes two identical androgynous white figures sit on a picnic table, one in front of the other. The one in front is in color, and the one behind is in pencil, except for his boots. The picnic table is covered in colorful spiral designs. Under the picnic table is a black and white ink drawing of a person being crushed by a lion, it appears to be a statue. On the right is a green bush. On the left is a gray building with colorful spirals. In the background is a dark blue shadow of a large building, like a castle. The sky is blue, cloudy, and has a crescent moon in the top right corner. Below, the text reads: "Inside: 'A love letter to being trans' and 'bridging the gap between trans youth and elders.' The background is a dark magenta color, and there is a yellow sunflower in the foreground.
The cover of Queer Youth Assemble's October Zine. "Q Y A October Zine" is written across the top in blue. In the center, there is a close up portrait of Lil Nas X. The upper left side of his face is replaced by that of Marsha P. Johnson. The bottom right side of his face is replaced with the grayscale face of Christine Jorgensen. His left shoulder is replaced by that of Gilbert Baker, with the original pride flag draped
over it. Lil Nas X is in his 2020 Grammy's pink cowboy outfit. His eyes are replaced with rainbows. The background is pale yellow, and has various leaves on three corners. Text on the bottom left reads "Inside: 'Neopronouns,' 'A letter to the transgender youth of Arkansas,' and finally, 'poetry, art, and more!'