It’s TIme…

It’s time we create one of the largest queer & trans youth marches in history! Uniting every queer & trans young person under the common goals of safety, autonomy, and joy.

*See below to learn more about the march, including how to get involved*


Date: March 31st, 2023

Time: To be announced

Location: All 50 states & Washington DC


The queer community has been upended by a series of devastating laws, detrimental legislation, and queerphobic attacks designed to make the lives of queer & trans youth as unbearable as possible.

Each and every queer & trans youth serving org has attempted to respond in their own ways, prompting walkouts, protests, legislative challenges, organizational statements, and other rebuttals in an attempt to swing the momentum. These responses have been successful in their own ways, but it’s time to collectively advocate for youth as one.

WHAT WILL The MARCH Accomplish?

This march will center the voices of queer & trans youth.

Queer & trans youth alongside state and national orgs will march to their states capital buildings & other important locations. Students will walk out of their classes to show that as long as these attacks are happening, we will not sit silently. Local, state, and national politicians will show up in solidarity, and be reminded of ways they can support politically. Interviews of queer & trans youth will be on the front pages of newspapers. Social media will be flooded with queer & trans youth art, poetry, stories, and zines.

Queer & trans youth will receive the spotlight to advocate for their safety, their joy, and their autonomy.


Students: we’re creating a list of demands for the queer & trans youth community and want your input! to share your demands, fill out this form.

Activists: we’re looking to create school walkouts all across the country to go with the march and need your organizing! to learn how to plan a walkout at your school, please follow this link.

State Orgs: we’re looking to plan marches in all 50 states and need your help! if your org would like to organize a march in your city or at your states capitol building, please fill out this form.

Nationwide Orgs: we’re looking to advertise the march and need your platform to get the word out! To find sharable flyers, pamphlets, and other graphics, please follow this link.

Donors: we’re looking to have a giant march in Washington DC with youth from all 50 states and need your help! if your org would like to sponsor a youth to travel to Washington DC, please follow this link.